Toddler with Social Skills Emotion Eggheads

E.Q. Social Skills & Emotions Awareness Set

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Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) is arguably the most important skill your child will need for the future. Like other forms of expertise, awareness and practice help build E.Q. and good social skills. Simply being exposed to the world of people, politics and emotions isn't enough.

The first step is being aware of emotions, those of others and ourselves, and how those emotions are playing out. Eggspressions Figure and Book Set is an innovatively designed book and play set for reading together during calm, quiet moments when children can safely absorb the broad range of feelings in the world.

Later, when children are overwhelmed, the playset becomes a great E.Q. tool to help children identify emotions in the moment. It features six egg figures, each representing a different emotion. Eggspressions encourages the development of emotional maturity and communication skills as children unscramble the confusion of their feelings when words can't be found. The book leads to a light discussion in a fun and funny way.

These little eggs and book are durable and beautiful, made with wood sourced from environmentally sustainable forests. These eggheads may become objects your child will love for years to come.

Eco-Friendly Toy
Size: 9" x 2.5" x 9.5"
Age Range: 2 - 5 years

Forest Stewardship Council Eco-friendly

Developmental Value

Learning to understand and manage emotions is critical to happiness and well-being. Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) is the intersection of managing heart and head where the two uniquely intersect. Teaching emotional intelligence is complex, but nearly everyone will agree that identifying and understanding feelings is a critical underlying skill to build upon.

Adults need to understand and manage their own emotions so that they can model appropriate behaviors for children. When children trust the emotional stability of adults around them, they connect to caregivers on deep emotional levels. It is at these deeper levels of understanding that positive changes in the brain occur.

E.Q. is about the connection we feel between body, mind, and spirit. That connection is a critical aspect of social and emotional learning. Awareness of feelings in the body, mind, and spirit is essential before humans can create new behaviors.

These sweet little eggheads offer the opportunity to explore emotions in a safe environment. The book is funny and keeps conversation light in order not to overwhelm. Eggspressions is a tool to help build awareness, acceptance, and support.


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