Arts & Crafts

These days, creative thinking has never been more important. The benefits of creative play for kids has come to the forefront. Creativity is heralded by many as the most important skill children need for the future.

Creative thinking can be developed in many ways. When practicing individual art play or using arts & crafts kits, children build confidence through semi-structured approaches which will eventually lead them to fully unstructured artistic endeavors.

One of our favorite products is Playdate-in-a-Box, an Arts & Crafts kit that interweaves social skills building and problem-solving.

Magnetic Drawing Pad

Sale Price :$24.99

Superpower Boys Playdates Kit

Sale Price :$26.99

Pirate Adventure Playdate Kit

Sale Price :$26.99

Rockstar Dude Playdates Kit

Sale Price :$32.99

Rockstar Diva Playdates Kit

Sale Price :$32.99

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