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SweetpeaToys helps your family recover healthy play and development.

Like most moms Joanna found herself asking the question, “What’s best for my kids?”

Behavior at large suggests most people act on “what will make my kids happy and entertain them?”

But Joanna wanted more for her family and others. “What’s best for my child and what will help them develop their potential?”

Joanna’s family (husband and 4 children!) hope to equip themselves and YOU to live out this question through informed rather than impulsive choices.

Imagine if more frequently your child surprised you with inventiveness and creativity rather than defaulting to boredom and craving screen time?


Let’s do this!

I want to encourage you on your journey with research and interesting articles.

You can shop SweetpeaToys and be assured every product is non-toxic, developmentally focused, or inherently healthy for your child.

Everything is competitively priced. Plus, you’ll find under-the-radar products that in many cases you won't find on Amazon.

You'll also have the satisfaction of knowing you directly support families who invent or produce these products.


Hi, I’m Joanna

Welcome to SweetpeaToys! I’m glad you’re taking these moments out of your busy day to explore with me what’s best for the “littles” in our life.

Whether it’s your own kids, other family members, or any other young kiddos in your life, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this thoughtful selection of non-media, quality children’s toys.

The struggle is real! I get it. Having been blessed with four kids of our own we know how hard it can be to keep kids entertained yet grow their minds - like chess!

SweetpeaToys is designed to help you while walking this journey ourselves. We're in the thick of things with boys growing up and looking for older more mature type play.  Girls, baby and preschool ages bring a new world of sparkle and pretty things, mostly pink. 

It’s likely that you (as I) appreciate fewer things of better quality - wood toys, less mass-produced generics; smaller conscientious manufacturing with organic and non-toxics.

Thank you for shopping SweetpeaToys and discovering alternatives to big eCommerce stores.

I know you’ll have a fantastic experience all the way to delivery!


Joanna Neff

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