Bath Toys

Water is emotionally therapeutic. Bath time is an ideal opportunity for sensory learning. Have you seen a sweetpea pour water through hands, reaching out to grab the trickle? There is so much to learn while relaxing in the water.

Water play teaches children to problem solve, question, explore and experiment. Babies & toddlers naturally investigate water science by discovering how water moves, what floats and sinks, how a water wheel works.

Through toys in the bath, children build their understanding of water properties, how it flows and what makes it stop. Water play isn't just in the bath though. You can use many of our water toys at a water play table, the swimming pool or the beach. Splash!

Blue Tug Boat Bath Toy

Sale Price :$17.99

Modern Rubber Duckie Bath Toy

Sale Price :$13.99

Floating Whale Bath Toy

Sale Price :$13.30

Rain Cloud Water Toy

Sale Price :$13.99

Water Tower Water Toy

Sale Price :$16.99

Whale Squirter Bath Toy

Sale Price :$15.49

Bubble Bath Whisk

Sale Price :$7.49

Basic Bathtub Ball Track Set

Sale Price :$19.99

Pouring Pitcher

Sale Price :$17.00

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