Blocks & Building

We have toys for kids who like to build!!  Building blocks, marble runs, domino sets and building train villages offer the most open-ended opportunities in play. They are a critical learning experience for children of all ages. The great architect Frank Lloyd Wright attributed his skill to early years with building blocks.

Children learn about building, perspective, gravity, weight, balance, stability, cause and effect, sequencing and classification, problem solving, modular and creative reasoning, even the basics of logarithms and algorithms. And it's sheer delight offering a great sense of achievement when the masterpiece is complete. We have some of the best building toys for kids. Check us out.

Lighthouse Stacking Toy

Sale Price :$20.99

Builder Construction Set

Sale Price :$39.99

Habatown Blocks

Sale Price :$39.99

HABAtown Tractor

Sale Price :$14.99

Large Bamboo Building Blocks

Sale Price :$99.99

HABA Construction Clamps

Sale Price :$1.99

Go-Go Dominos

Sale Price :$39.99

Wooden Freight Train Set

Sale Price :$39.99

Loop de Loop Wooden Marble Run

Sale Price :$149.99

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