Wooden Robots Toy

Vintage Wooden Robots Construction Toy

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A great building toy for toddlers! Design, stack and connect chunky wooden pieces. Create colorful vintage-style wooden robots in different shapes and sizes. Design a tall robot with four mechanical arms, a short robot with a flat head and so many options in-between.

A pre-curser to STEM activities, this is a 28-piece creative building set. It requires imagination, thoughtful design, and spatial awareness for children as young as three. This play set creates a robot adventure little inventors will love.

: 10" x 7" x 4"
AGE RANGE: 3-6 years

Eco Friendly logo  Early Childhood STEM

WARNING: Contains a small ball which could be a choking hazard for children under 3 years.

Developmental Value

Fitting these pieces together helps with fine motor skill development.

Considering how to build the robots is a problem-solving activity, developing both analytic and creative thinking skills. Effective problem solving requires a controlled mixture of both analytic (left-brain activity) and creative (right-brain activity) thinking. Good problem solvers switch from one set of skills to the other. Cross-brain thinking is not always easy but becomes easier with problem-solving practice.

  • Analytic (logic) skills are developed through ordering the pieces, comparing them, contrasting them, evaluating them and selecting the correct piece. The child must select the best alternative from the options available by narrowing down the range of possibilities (a convergent process).

  • Creative skills are developed when a child decides what the robot will look like as this is open-ended construction.

Building and construction activities are a great tool for building attention span in children because the activity requires focus and concentration for completion.

Visual-spatial skills are required as children make sense of the pieces and how they relate to one another. Spatial skills are fundamental to mathematics.


Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, BeginAgain believes in hands-on experiential toys, devoid of batteries. BeginAgain also has a strong commitment to eco-friendly products. Their entire line of products is made from plant-based materials.

This Vintage Wooden Robots Construction Toy is handcrafted from sustainable plantation-grown trees. BeginAgain chooses to use rubberwood (hevea brasiliensis) because it grows quickly. A sturdy hardwood, it is an excellent material for making heirloom quality toys.

This Wooden Robots Toy was designed in Fort Collins, Colorado. Manufacturing in China, near the native source of the wood, allows for smarter, more efficient use of energy, reducing the shipping footprint. The Robot Kits are packaged back in the USA, ensuring quality control. The manufacturing partner is female owned, and family run. The factory believes in the principles of fair living wages and sustainable practices. Independent audits ensure fair working conditions, product safety, and quality control standards.


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