Award Winning Toys

Sweetpea has a great collection of award winning toys with a focus on development. You won't find any licensed toys or highly commercialized toy items here. These toys have been recognized by the education community, the parent community and the toy industry as excellent tools that entertain and educate. Some are multiple award winners.

Munch Mitt Teething Glove

Sale Price :$16.99

Best Baby Bib Ever

Sale Price :$19.99

Clutching Toy - Magica

Sale Price :$15.99

Colorful Clown Stacker

Sale Price :$12.99

Classic Stacking Clown Toy

Sale Price :$24.99

Toddler Musical Drum

Sale Price :$19.99

Blue Tug Boat Bath Toy

Sale Price :$17.99

Rain Cloud Water Toy

Sale Price :$13.99

Wooden Roller Derby Maze

Sale Price :$39.99

Space City Wooden Marble Run

Sale Price :$149.99

Loop de Loop Wooden Marble Run

Sale Price :$149.99

Large Bamboo Building Blocks

Sale Price :$99.99

Push Lawnmower for Toddlers

Sale Price :$24.99

Puppy Pull Toy for Toddlers

Sale Price :$24.99

Walk Along Crocodile Pull Toy

Sale Price :$24.99

Wooden Scooter for Toddlers

Sale Price :$79.99

Classic Wooden Wagon

Sale Price :$99.99

Pirate's Treasure Play Tent

Sale Price :$119.99

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