Sound Discovery Blocks for Babies

Sound Discovery Blocks for Babies

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Awaken Baby's Ears - Listen to the Sounds!

Infants and babies spend a lot of energy learning about the world through their five senses. Infants can hear while in the womb and from that point they are listening, differentiating, and building cognitive connections between the early perception of sounds, musicality, and the brain. These blocks can be engaging, even thrilling, for little ones. There are so many different acoustic sounds they can make through their own cause & effect of manipulating a block: squeaking, clacking, rattling, tinkering.

Six high-quality discovery blocks, made in Europe, of eco-friendly solid beech wood. They are colored with a non-toxic water based stain. No surprise to us this is a multiple award-winning toy.

SIZE: Each of six cubes measure 1.75" x 1.75" x 1.75"
AGES: 1-3 years

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Developmental Value

These wooden building blocks are an excellent size for clutching, grasping and improving fine motor skillsStacking develops hand-eye coordination and concentration. Children learn the basics of balance. As they grow into the toy, there is the opportunity to sort by shape recognition. 

Shape discrimination requires visual-spatial awarenessthe relationship between pieces, which supports fundamental skills for future math learning. These blocks have fabulous tactile stimulation with interesting sides and mechanics.

Children love their own ability to create a relationship between an action and an outcome. With this toy, they discover they make sounds when they shake the blocks. Then they test this observation over and over again. Playing with this kind of toy gives them a sense of control. It allows them to predict and anticipate the sound effect. Eventually, they learn to control other aspects of their environment like dropping a cracker from the highchair or opening and closing a cabinet door. 

Everything babies learn and do involves using their five senses. Hearing is one of those senses. Listening and experimenting in their environment is critical in nurturing mathematical and scientific reasoning, and thinking processes. 


HABA is a family-owned German firm making children's toys for over 75 years. The design team at HABA is committed to safety, sustainability, and quality. They develop over 250 new ideas each year. They focus on natural toys with maple and beech wood as a central focus.

HABA has received numerous awards and recognitions each year in its product collection. Over time, they have been recognized by at least 45 industry, governmental and parenting organizations.

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