Early Childhood STEM

STEM in Early Childhood? Really? Yes!

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM avoids memorization, reciting, and rote learning activities. STEM activities encourage reasoning, predicting, hypothesizing and problem-solving. You will often see the acronym STEAM for a learning activity that also includes an artistic or creative element.

High-quality, hands-on, open-ended learning toys and activities provide children the opportunity to build upon their natural urge to explore, to build, and to question. The value of high-quality early childhood STEM activities is indisputable. Read more here:

Sparking a child's interest in science & technology

STEM Resources for Early Childhood Education



Alphabet Farm Puzzle

Sale Price :$39.99

Alphabet Floor Puzzle

Sale Price :$89.99

Animal Alphabet Puzzle

Sale Price :$34.99

Basic Bathtub Ball Track Set

Sale Price :$19.99

Builder Construction Set

Sale Price :$39.99

Butterfly Wooden Puzzle

Sale Price :$24.99

Classic Balsa Wood Glider

Sale Price :$7.99

Classic Stacking Clown Toy

Sale Price :$24.99

Color & Shape Sorter

Sale Price :$14.99

Colorful Clown Stacker

Sale Price :$12.99

Dinosaur Alphabet Puzzle

Sale Price :$24.99

Go-Go Dominos

Sale Price :$39.99

Habatown Blocks

Sale Price :$39.99

HABAtown Tractor

Sale Price :$14.99

Lacing for Toddlers

Sale Price :$29.99

Lighthouse Stacking Toy

Sale Price :$20.99

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