Audubon Bird Call | Bird Whistle

Audubon Bird Call

Sale Price : $6.99

This Audubon Bird Call chirps and twitters easily, realistically imitating several bird sounds. All you do is twist it. Constructed of birch and pewter, the bird call is small enough to fit in your pocket. Traditional charm and a great gift for early bird learning. Fill a bird feeder and use this bird call. Amazing! 

Made in America, handcrafted in New England, this is the original pocket bird call. Inexpensive and useful, it makes a great party favor, stocking stuffer or little gift for surprise visits. This little bird call could easily become one of your child's most treasured possessions.

SIZE:  1.7" X .3" X 4.3"
AGE RANGE: Manufacturer states 8+; Some children may have the dexterity at 6+

Made in the USA


Developmental Value

This bird call quietly attracts birds, creating awareness of bird sounds. Studying birds and nature is often overlooked in childhood education. If children live in an urban environment, pictures, play sets or Internet recordings may be the only sense of nature children are exposed to. This can present a significant obstacle to studying the authentic natural world in depth.

Taking a walk can help children acquire initial observations. Learning to identify sparrows, starlings, pigeons, robins or other common birds in your area is a great start to childhood awareness of birds. Noticing physical differences and listening for the bird sounds is the next step.

A birdfeeder on a deck or yard area will help bring awareness of birds. And, using this little bird call will almost immediately create interest in birds that are flying close by. Young children love being able to activate the bird call and watch the reaction of birds.


Channel Craft has been manufacturing in the U.S.A. for over 30 years. They manufacture American Pastimes that are produced by skilled craftsmen and women to ensure aesthetic beauty, durability, and high play value. Channel Craft makes toys, games, and puzzles that have proven their developmental and entertainment value over decades of use by generations of children.


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