Organic pink guardian angel doll

Organic Pink Guardian Angel Doll

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Just the right size at 8 inches long, this sweet little guardian angel doll makes an ideal security cuddle for peaceful sleep. Perfectly sized as a first clutching doll, it is small enough to easily tuck into a purse, a diaper bag or a car seat. It's an easy go-to cuddly when on the run with baby.  This Nickibaby Angel is often used by children in homes encouraging Waldorf environments. True to traditional Waldorf dolls, the facial features are simple, encouraging a child to imagine the angel's feelings or expressions.

This pink angel with ivory wings is handcrafted in Germany by the originator of the soft doll. All natural materials, the internal filling is a granulate material that is 100% anti-allergenic. The outside fabric is soft as a baby's bottom -- a certified organic cotton blend, assuring the safest and softest cuddly for your little angel. The soft floppy body is handmade with superior craftsmanship meaning these treasured dolls are machine washable on a gentle cycle when cleaning is necessary.

5.1" x 2" x 8"
Newborn +

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Developmental Value

Besides being a safe, constant companion for your child, this little angel should provide security when the lights go out at night. Dolls highlight an amazing natural capacity children have for nurturing. Have you ever watched a young child speak to their doll or cuddly, naturally moving into a soft, gentle voice?

Doll and cuddly play should not be a gender divide. In today's world, men are nurturing fathers as women are nurturing mothers. Both boys and girls gain from exploring how to grow up and take on the role of a nurturing adult. If we encourage this natural affinity to love a doll or cuddly, the child moves toward developing the ability to give selflessly and care for others with compassion.

Loving and caring for a doll fosters imaginative play. From a psychological perspective, it's hard to imagine the vulnerability a young child feels in a big adult-sized world. Doll play allows children to deal with that vulnerability in a safe context. Children can work out their negative feelings through imaginative play with a doll, without involving another child.


German brand, Käthe Kruse, was founded in 1911, becoming the originator of soft doll manufacturing. The firm continues to make dolls with the original technique, taking pride in the handcrafted nature of their product. The firm has sold internationally for well over a century. They use the finest, premium quality materials in the world, complying with the highest European and American safety standards in the process. Today, several Käthe Kruse dolls are sold on the collectibles market.

In 2016, Käthe Kruse was awarded "Brand of the Century" because the firm exemplifies the category of doll.

Kathe Kruse Brand of the Century

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