Red Air Plane Toy

Red Air Plane Toy

Sale Price : $18.99

This rocket red plane is calling all little girls and boys: Come fly with me! Unlike so many other toy airplanes, this one is large -- it's just the right size for 1 and 2 year-olds to grasp, push, roll and fly; the propeller spins easily as it soars into the wild blue yonder. Imaginative play takes center stage. Specifically designed without batteries, lights or sounds.

A clean, rounded, contemporary design, this plane is easily managed by the smallest of hands, providing superior flight control. In a bright, shiny rocket-red finish, the rubber wheels won't mar furniture or floor. It is built with toddlers in mind and can handle the most enthusiastic pilot, including crash landings!

Size: 8.5" x 9" x 4.5"
Age Range: 1-4 years

Developmental Value

Young children learn best by touching and playing with toys and materials. Simply handling and manipulating the air plane is a form of sensory play which helps develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills in preparation for hand and finger control needed for writing. Youngsters are still gaining control of large muscles. The better they control the air plane, the greater their physical confidence.

With a toy like this rocket red air plane, children can put real world knowledge of air planes into creative settings of imaginative play. With your help, children can make up delightful stories about piloting adventures. Creative storytelling develops language, imagination and creative thinking skills. If children are struggling with creating stories, adults can model the skill, an excellent opportunity for relationship building and a lesson in teamwork.

Children continue to increase their vocabulary with your support. They can’t use words until they understand the meaning. It's not necessary to restrict language with young children. In fact, you can support language learning by using terms like aircraft, pilot, flight path, navigator, maneuver, steer, control, captain, and aerobatics.


Kid O Toys is the leader in contemporary developmental and educational toys. We are in complete agreement that play is the magical way children learn. Dedicated to child enrichment through toys that promote and nurture creativity and discovery, Kid O manufactures toys that are designed to delight and engineered to endure. When children'€™s play is powered by their own imaginations, they develop skills they will use for a lifetime.

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