FunBites - SET OF 3

FunBites - SET OF 3

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Picky Eating Problems Solved!

With over 30 parenting awards, FunBites makes food preparation fun so that even the pickiest eaters can’t resist. It works on pancakes, sandwiches, fruit, veggies, brownies and more!

The super sturdy and durable curved blade cutter cuts any kids’ food into bite-sized fun shapes. The high-quality molded plastic supports hygienic clean-up. Move over junk food. Make healthy food more fun and give children the ability to cut and prepare their own food into perfectly even slices, ready for artful presentation.

This set of 3 provides endless options for creative food design and bento box fun. You get one squares cutter, one triangles cutter and one hearts cutter. Please message us at purchase point if you prefer certain colors.

: 6" x 3.8" x 1.8"
AGE RANGE: 2-6 years



WARNING: Functional sharp edge. Keep fingers away from blade when using and washing. Small food pieces can be a choking hazard for children under 3.



Fun bites


Funbites was invented by mompreneur Bobbie Rhoads. She produced her product in the USA and sales soared after her successful presentation on ABC's Shark Tank. Not only does this safe food cutter make food preparation more fun, it enables children to work alongside adults, gaining experience and independence in everyday self-care tasks.


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