Wooden Toddler Activity Busybox Toy

Travel Activity Busy Box

Sale Price : $34.99

Busy box for busy children. When adults are busy, you need a secret weapon to keep children engaged. This 5-sided activity box will keep young minds and hands occupied. There is so much to discover. You'll find moving gears, balls, blocks, and a maze, plus colors, motion, and a mirror to reflect your child's funny faces.

No need for guilt as there are no screens here and little sweetpea is learning. Mixing and matching different shapes encourages fine motor skills, while brightly designed colors and mirrors encourage visual awareness and cognitive development. The wooden frame is well-designed allowing for the convenience of a travel toy. The durable construction will last for years to come. Convenient grasping handles and sturdy design make this activity toy box one that kids and parents will love.

SIZE: 10" x 10" x 8.5"
AGE RANGE: 10 mos. - 2 years

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Developmental Value

This busy box has loads of developmental encouragement.

Moving gears encourage fine motor skill development, animal name recognition and a study science's simple machine of mesh gears

The star maze encourages fine motor control and hand manipulation.

The animal blocks require problem-solving skills using logic and creativity to create animals that are sensical. The blocks are also an opportunity to practice fun and humor when a chicken's head sits on a horse's body. The manipulation of the blocks requires fine motor skill use.

The Hoot Owl has eyes which can be manipulated to open or closed position, requiring manipulation and fine motor skill in the hands.

Mirrors are always great reflections for children as they study their images, moving toward self-identification.


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