Montessori Home

We have a secret love affair with Montessori philosophy. We like the science that now backs up Montessori's original postulates of child development. In fact, we love the fact that her theories, once head-turning, have become mainstream in many places.

We have curated a collection of products that support adults who are integrating a Montessori approach at home. Montessori preschools can be expensive (for good reason) and out of financial reach for many.

In response, we provide support to those parents who are trying to establish a Montessori preschool environment in a homeschool approach. Bye-bye screens. Let the real relationships and learning begin.

Wooden Baby Rattle

Sale Price :$9.99

Jumbo Harmonica in Red

Sale Price :$14.99

Happy Clown Rattle

Sale Price :$9.99

Clutching Toy - Magica

Sale Price :$15.99

Preschool Garden Leaf Rake

Sale Price :$9.99

FunBites - SET OF 3

Sale Price :$29.95

Munch Mitt Teething Glove

Sale Price :$16.99

Best Baby Bib Ever

Sale Price :$19.99


Sale Price :$23.00


Sale Price :$17.00


Sale Price :$17.00

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