Magnetic Lower Case Hand Lettering Board

Magnetic Writing Board, Lower Case a-z

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Master the art of penmanship with this Montessori-inspired tactile approach to reinforce writing instruction. Bing! Bing! Bing! The magnetic stylus pulls beads to the surface when formation is correct.  Who could imagine writing practice that is so engaging and fun? It's a hands-on self-correcting, self-teaching material. Want to try again? Just erase the beads back down with a swipe of your fingertip or the side of the stylus. 

Practice goes a long way to encouraging legible writing technique. A to Z Magnatab is a great introductory tool to formal instruction, lined paper and pencil. Your child learns writing with three senses: visual, tactile and sound reinforcement. The easy-to-follow arrows instruct and remind correct formation of letters.

Made from the highest quality of materials, the magnet never comes out of the pens and the balls stay securely in the board, completely self-contained. The Magnatab makes a great travel toy.

SIZE: 11.75" × .75" × 9.375"
AGE RANGE: 3-6 years
AWARDS: Timberdoodle Early Learning Tool of the Year, 2011


Awesome Factor

The Magnatab is a clever learning tool that allows children to process information through three senses of sight, sound and touch. Children engage with the appeal of magnetism.  The stylus is slightly larger than a pencil. The board is larger and easier to manage than a thin piece of lined paper. The board makes an excellent early introduction to handwriting, before formal pencil and lined paper becomes the norm.

Once children become adept at moving the stylus to raise the magnetic balls, they can begin to process information in the directional arrows. The directional arrows offer the recommended way to write the letters for legibility and time effectiveness.

Motor skills are greatly refined with drawing and writing activities. Sweetpea Toys is a huge fan of this material because it is self-correcting, engaging and it provides the opportunity for early learners to experiment with handwriting skills before they are ready for pencils and paper. It also supports special needs children who have difficulty with motor skills or processing. It simply provides an easier, engaging, stepped approach.


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