Best Baby Bib Ever

Best Baby Bib Ever

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The Only Baby Bib You'll Ever Want!

This award-winning baby bib functions as a dribble bib and a sensory teething toy. The sensory toy is attached to the bib, but it can be attached to almost anything (a stroller, the car seat or even a child's wrist). The toy holds a teether or soother for easy baby access. Because everything is attached, baby's soother stays in a safe place. There are no more dropped soothers or teething toys.

The soft, cuddly, water resistant fabric contains drool and keeps clothing dry. The bib is reversible. There is sensory stimulating crinkle noises in the plush buddy toy, as well as high contrast patterns & bright colors.

For best use, the plush buddy should be affixed to the bib upside down (so that is it facing baby when worn). This way baby can interact with the plush buddy with easy access to their soother/teether.

SIZE: 15 x 1 x 7
AGES: 3-18 months

Baby Maternity Magazine 2015

Developmental Value

Help Me to Help Myself

Activities that allow a child to experience his or her own abilities help them attain functional independence. Maria Montessori's theory of human development revolves heavily around the child's own ability to have control and independence over their exploration, learning, and environment. 

We love the Buddy Bib because the child has control of self-soothing teething pain, without losing the soother.

Care Instructions
  1. Wash regularly to remove saliva or food residue from fabric.

  2. Remove (or leave attached) plush toy. Machine wash with babies' other fabric items. Machine dry on very low/no heat fluff or delicate cycle. (Do not dry on hot heat or over dry.)

  3. If toy or bib becomes damaged please discontinue use and discard.

  4. Do not sterilize bib or buddy in the microwave.

  5. The silicone teether should be hand washed.

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