Diver's Tank Bathtub Toy

Diver's Shark Tank Bathtub Toy

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Our divers seas the day and then roll with the tide. This old-fashioned diver has a yellow webbed shark tank for safety from circling, man-eating sharks of the ocean. This bathtub toy entertains toddlers as they soak and relax before beddie-byes.

Besides sparking imaginative play, your sweetpea can experiment with floating and sinking, as well as cause and effect because these toys squirt and hold water. When playtime is over, the shark tank serves as both handy toy storage and a carrying case.

Most bath toys for toddlers have tiny little squirt holes that make mold an inevitable issue. Difficult to clean, they become a health issue and should be tossed every couple of months. Not so with the Shark Tank! The holes have been designed large, making them easy to clean. They boast a much longer life than traditional squirt toys. No yucky black mold build-up. The entire set is dishwasher safe. This bath toy set of shark tank and 3 characters (diver, shark and octopus) has won two prestigious awards from parent-focused independent organizations.     

SIZE: Boxed product is 7” x 3.75” x 3”; Diver’s Shark Tank is a 6” diameter.
AGE RANGE: 2-6 years

  • Parents’ Choice Award, 2012
  • NAPPA Silver Award Winner

Award Winner Parents Choice  Award Winning Toy eco friendly  


ALLERGY WARNING: This bathtub toy is made from the sap of rubberwood trees, a natural, plant-based rubber product. Please use caution with those who have a known latex allergy.

Developmental Value

Water is tactile. Young children best learn by touching and playing with toys and materials. With a toy like Shark Tank, a child can investigate the properties of water with no preconceived knowledge.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers are naturally drawn to water because of its appealing physical properties and a child’s innate curiosity about cause and effect, warm and cool, floating and sinking. Water play is an early science lesson disguised as play and fun. Children become amateur scientists by experimenting, making predictions and observations and asking why and what if questions. Why does a big toy float while a smaller toy sinks?

Children continue to increase their vocabulary with your support. They can’t use words until they understand the meaning. It's not necessary to restrict language to simple words. In fact, you can support language learning by using terms like pour, squirt, squeeze, sink, float, stream, flow, gush, jet, flood, submerge, immerse, buoyant, experiment, shark, fins, octopus, tentacles, symmetry, diver, deep sea, underwater, cage, shark tank and diving helmet.

Children can make up delightful stories about the adventures of the three characters. Creative storytelling develops language, imagination and creative thinking skills. If children are struggling with creating stories, adults can model the skill, an excellent opportunity for relationship building and a lesson in teamwork.

Handing and manipulating toys, squeezing water through toys, moving them in and out of the cage are all forms of sensory play which help develop fine motor skills in preparation for hand and finger control needed for writing.

Because the diver’s cage becomes storage and a carrying case for the characters, the shark tank becomes a travel toy for trips away. If adults consistently work with the child to store the characters in the cage at the end of water play time, children learn skills of organization and order with their playthings.


Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, BeginAgain believes in hands-on experiential toys, devoid of batteries. 

BeginAgain also has a strong commitment to eco-friendly products. Their entire line of products is made from plant-based materials. Any plastic, such as packaging, is 100% recycled. This bath toy set has been crafted from natural latex harvested from sustainable rubberwood trees. BeginAgain chooses to use rubberwood (hevea brasiliensis) because it grows quickly. 

The puzzle was designed in Fort Collins, Colorado. Manufacturing in China, near the native source of the wood, allows for smarter, more efficient use of energy, reducing the shipping footprint. The puzzles are packaged back in the USA, ensuring quality control. The manufacturing partner is female owned and family run. The factory believes in the principles of fair living wages and sustainable practices. Independent audits ensure fair working conditions, product safety and quality control standards.


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