Yellow Bubble Bath Whisk

Bubble Bath Whisk

Sale Price : $7.49

100% Kid-Powered. Make MORE Bubbles!

Bathtime means washing away the germs, the initiation of bedtime routine and a great place for kids to learn about the physics of water. With this simple but effective bath toy, children practice the coordination of cranking, while using both hands in tandem.  

Just stick into the bath water, turn the crank and you can quickly rejuvenate the fading bubbles in a sudsy bath. Toddlers will love making waves for their little boats or toy figures.

SIZE: 10" x 1" x 1"

Developmental Value

Bathtime offers wonderful one-on-one time with your child, who needs your constant company to ensure safety. Don't just dump toys into the tub and call it a night. This is a very good time to engage sweetly with your child. No need to rush the routine. Relax after a busy day, and send that energy to your child. Enjoy the moment!

Water is tactile. Young children learn best by touching and playing with toys and materials. With a toy like this bubble bath whisk, a child can investigate the properties of water with no preconceived knowledge.

Young children are naturally drawn to water because of its appealing physical properties and a child’s innate curiosity about cause and effect, warm and cool, floating and sinking. Water play is an early science lesson disguised as play and fun.

Children continue to increase their vocabulary with your support. They can’t use words until they understand the meaning. It's not necessary to restrict language to simple words. In fact, you can support language learning by using terms like pour, trickle, float, stream, and flow.

Turning and cranking this bubble bath whisk helps develop fine motor skills and builds coordination between hands.

If you are using this bubble bath whisk, don't forget to use those bubbles as a classic beard or silly hairdo handcrafted by mom or dad.



HABA is a family-owned German firm making children's toys for over 75 years. The design team at HABA is committed to safety, sustainability, and quality. They develop over 250 new ideas each year. They focus on natural toys with maple and beech wood as a central focus.

HABA has received numerous awards and recognitions each year in its product collection. Over time, they have been recognized by at least 45 industry, governmental and parenting organizations.

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