Camouflage Play Archery Set

Camouflage Bow & Foam-Tipped Arrows

Sale Price : $29.99

Want to be an archer in a safe, imaginative mode of play? Buckle your leather boots. Fasten your woolen cloak. As your horse flees for backup, you tiptoe through the forest in search of the dangerous elf. Grab your arrow, draw the string back and zip!  Missed! Archery requires patience, a steady hand and a clear head. Don't be seen and try again.

This bow package is a complete set. It comes with the Camouflage bow, 2 foam arrows and a small bulls-eye. The bow is pre-strung with safety rubber-capped ends. The arrows are made of wood without a sharp arrow tip, replaced instead with safe foam, covered in fabric.

All packaging is made from recycled materials and is, in turn, completely recyclable. Made in the USA.

SIZE: 38.5" x 8.5" x 3"
CONTENTS: 1 bow, 2 arrows, 1 small bullseye on the box
6 - 10+ years

Made in the USA  Tagie Award

Warning: Although this bow and its arrows are designed to for safe play, they are not intended for aiming at animals or humans.

Developmental Value

Focus & self-discipline:  Archery is a self-correcting step-by-step method for drawing a bow and shooting an arrow. Even the youngest archers quickly learn that by slowing down and focusing on one step at a time, they are more successful at putting arrows in the middle of the target. When archers make mistakes, they learn to analyze, focus and improve one thing at a time.

Improved Physical Health: It encourages active, outdoor play where children build core, chest, back and shoulder muscles through drawing arrows alone. In addition, the outdoor movement improves muscle tone and heart health.

Better Balance and Coordination: Drawing a bow improves core strength, which builds better balance and stability, which improves posture. Practice improves eye-hand coordination.




    Two Bros Bows

    Young brothers Duncan and Hayden wanted to recreate the archery scenes they loved from the movie "Brave." With some help from their mom, they designed their own kids’ archery sets.

    After developing their first bow and arrow prototypes, Two Bros Bows made a small batch to sell locally. It quickly sold out and the two young entrepreneurs decided to grow their business. Their Made in the USA sets are now ready to get kids
    everywhere interested in archery, and parents will appreciate that this pastime develops hand-eye coordination while playing outdoors.

    The arrows and bows are hand-assembled and have rustic, unfinished quality. It honors their roots as a kid-made creation, and is definitely part of the appeal. The stuffed, soft-tipped arrow is gentle for little archers, so they can’t poke themselves—or each other—but can still shoot up to 30 feet.


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