Digit'y Do Game

Digit'y Do Game

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Digit’y Do™ is the hottest new addictive, fast paced and strategic game to be played by small groups, big groups, families and more! It’s a numbers game that combines elements of strategy and probability with a high dose of fun.

Players catch on quickly to Digit’y Do and there’s minimal set-up required. This game takes the excitement of the number calling element and anticipation of BINGO and combines it with the strategic number placement on the game cards to create an addictive game that’ll keep groups of all sizes and players entertained for hours. You’ll want to keep playing and challenging your opponents and since Digit’y Do is fast-paced by nature, you’ll be able to play multiple rounds to get those wins!

The goal of Digit’y Do is to fill your game sheet with a series of numbers in ascending order. A “Digit’y Master” will draw number tiles from a bag of 40 tiles and you’ll guess where that number should go on your card, based on what’s been–and what has yet to be–called. There are only 20 spots to fill on your card, so each has to be placed carefully- that’s where the strategy comes in. The longer the series, the more points you score, and the person with the most points at the end wins!

Digit’y Do is easy enough for an 8-year-old to play yet enjoyable and entertaining for adults of all ages. Play 1-on-1, in teams, in a small or large group.  There’s no limit to the number of players and no end to the excitement. You can count on it!

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