Floating Blue Whale Bathtub Toy

Floating Whale Bath Toy

Sale Price : $13.30

Thar She Blows!

This bathtub whale is sonic welded water-tight for perfect buoyancy and no mess, no mold, no mildew. It looks great on the bathtub during the day, is made from thermoplastic for endurance and will never sink, proving hours of fun for all bathers. 7.5" long, the whale is big enough to delight the youngest of bathers.

At this price point, the whale makes a great surprise gift as a little something when visiting. Possibly the happiest whale ever to swim in the bath or outdoor pool, it will look great for years.

SIZE: 7.5" x 4.5" x 4"
AGE RANGE: 1-5 years although adults have been known to bubble bath with whale.

Developmental Value

Water is tactile. Young children best learn by touching and playing with toys and materials. With a toy like this cute buoyant whale, a child can investigate the properties of water with no preconceived knowledge.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers are naturally drawn to water because of its appealing physical properties and a child’s innate curiosity about cause and effect, warm and cool, floating and sinking. Water play is an early science lesson disguised as play and fun. Children become amateur scientists by experimenting, making predictions and observations and asking why and what if questions. Why does a big toy float while a smaller toy sinks?

Children continue to increase their vocabulary with your support. They can’t use words until they understand the meaning. It's not necessary to restrict language to simple words. In fact, you can support language learning by using terms like whale, float, buoyant, sink, float, submerge, experiment, flukes, flippers and marine mammals.

With your help, children can make up delightful stories about whale adventures. Creative storytelling develops language, imagination and creative thinking skills. If children are struggling with creating stories, adults can model the skill, an excellent opportunity for relationship building and a lesson in teamwork.

Simply handling and manipulating the whale is a form of sensory play which helps develop fine motor skills in preparation for hand and finger control needed for writing.


Kid O Toys is the leader in contemporary developmental and educational toys. We are in complete agreement that play is the magical way children learn. Dedicated to child enrichment through toys that promote and nurture creativity and discovery, Kid O manufactures toys that are designed to delight and engineered to endure. When children'€™s play is powered by their own imaginations, they develop skills they will use for a lifetime.

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