Baby's Ball Track

Toddler's First Ball Track - Roll 'n Roll

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Keep your baby laughing and happy for hours. This is an entry-level toy for learning about rolling balls and tracks. Toddlers learn about cause and effect as they watch the ball wind its way down the levels, shaking hands with goblin friends, making bells ring and clattering over the track.

It is bright and colorful, it offers a simple boost of self-confidence when little-one lets go of the ball and follows the effect. Crafted with the little-ones in mind, it is carefully made in Germany with attention to detail.

This award-winning set is heirloom quality, made of beech wood from sustainable forests, meant to last through generations. No assembly required. The set includes 4 solid wooden balls, 2" in diameter.

SIZE: 19" x 8" x 16"
AGES: 18 months +

  • Dr. Toy Best Classic Toys
  • Dr. Toy Best Green Products

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Developmental Value

The primary value is the learning of cause and effect. Your toddler may drop the ball over and over and over again, experimenting and testing cause and effect.

There is also physical development in gross motor skill, crawling around it, moving arms; but also fine motor skill in picking up the balls or manipulating the goblin friends.

You will also see bilateral coordination (hand-eye coordination) at work. Your toddler sees what he wants to do, sends a message to the brain and has the hand or fingers act upon his intent.


HABA is a family-owned German firm making children's toys for over 75 years. The design team at HABA is committed to safety, sustainability, and quality. They develop over 250 new ideas each year. They focus on natural toys with maple and beech wood as a central focus.

HABA has received numerous awards and recognitions each year in its product collection. Over time, they have been recognized by at least 45 industry, governmental and parenting organizations.

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