Pull Toy Hopping Bunny

Hopping Bunny Pull Toy

Sale Price : $33.25

Here comes Peter Cottontail. Toddlers can pull the easy-to-grasp string to watch the happy bunny hop along for a friendly stroll. Toddlers gain practice walking and running. The unique design of the wheels gives this bunny an unexpected and interesting hopping action as it travels across the floor. Hop on down the bunny trail with this adorable pull along toy.

This finely crafted toy helps develop balance, walking, coordination, imagination, pretend play and physical confidence.

Size: 11" x 5" x 9.25"
Age Range: 18-30 months

Developmental Value

When toddlers begin to walk, they head toward push toys to support their balance. Pull toys like the Pull & Hop Bunny are more complicated and come much later -- usually between 18-24 months of age.

Once a child has confidence in walking and balance, an animal pull-toy is an extra challenge. The pull-along will help your child practice keeping her balance, even when there is much distraction. You may find your toddler is turning her head to check on the toy. This may lead to bumps or stumbles, all an opportunity to balance, walk and pull successfully, all important gross motor skill development.

Besides coordination and physical confidence, this adorable pull along toy encourages imagination and pretend play.



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