Threading Lacing Activity

Lacing & Threading Preschool Toy

Sale Price : $19.99

A best seller for Hape, this is a classic lacing toy of 32 cubes! Bright colors and whimsical patterns mean plenty of entertainment as children sort and lace by color, pattern, and shape. Create a train or a caterpillar ... even a tower. 

The red lacing string has sturdy solid ends to support dexterity as children strengthen fine motor ability. The number and variety of shapes encourage creative thinking. Made with wood sourced from environmentally sustainable forests.

SIZE: 10.04" x 2.95" x 9.45"

AGES: 3 years +

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Developmental Value

Fine Motor Skills:  Holding and stringing shapes requires grasping, similar to the hold of a large pencil or marker. The cord ends need a pincer grasp, strengthening the small muscles of the hands. Hands must translate, shift, rotate and manipulate, strengthening coordination in the small hand and finger muscles.

Visual Perceptual Skills: Lacing promotes color and geometrical shape recognition. Visual memory is required as the child must be able to remember the pattern they envision in order to discriminate and sequence the shape order. The child must scan the different forms, discriminate and choose the desired shape.

Visual Motor Skills: Threading shapes requires the eyes to work together, further developing eye-hand coordination.

Cognitive Skills: Planning the arrangement of shapes and pattern. Problem-solving skills are required to accomplish the planned arrangement.


Hape toys, headquartered in Switzerland, are designed first and foremost for children. Each product is developed to enhance a child’s developmental skills. Hape believes that the future begins and belongs to our children. It is our duty to leave today's children with infinite possibilities, not unsolvable problems.

Hape's toys are created to inspire play, learning, and exploration of the world in which we live. Through responsible business practices, Hape aspires to leave the world in a better condition than it is now. All Hape products sold in North America meet or exceed all applicable safety standards. Hape's toys stimulate children through every stage of development and help nurture and develop their natural abilities.

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