Lemonade Set

Lemonade Set for Young Entrepreneurs

Sale Price : $19.99

Easy peasy - lemon squeezy. This lemonade set sets up young entrepreneurs gain some business acumen. It features a lemonade style pitcher with lid, four serving cups and saucers, a mixing spoon and an ice tray. A compact nesting design allows for easy cleanup and storage. A great little set for outdoor entrepreneurship. No need to buy an expensive stand. All kids need is a table and homemade sign to start their business.

It is made of 100% recycled plastic. It's lightweight and easy to handle. You may also find the pitcher and cups making their way to the paddling pool or bathtub for water play. The smart design means the entire serving set, ice tray and spoon nest inside the pitcher for easy storage and travel.

SIZE: Boxed product is 10" x 7" x 5.5"
AGE RANGE: 4-7 years

Made in America  eco friendly

 Awesome Factor

An outdoor lemonade stand provides many lessons in real world economics for young entrepreneurs.

  1. Location is everything. Foot traffic is important in any business.

  2. Running a business sometimes sounds more fun than it really is. They must keep their product ready to go, keep sticky messes cleaned up and keep on top of the money and change.

  3. Children may learn about marketing, ambition, and hard work while building communication skills.

Indoor play with this set encourages imaginative play and storytelling. Serving lemonade is an alternative to tea party play. Pretend play is a natural way for children to role play, learning about themselves and the world, their likes and dislikes, their interests and abilities. Through pretend play, children practice social skills of interacting with others.

This robust set, made of recycled plastic, allows children to practice washing dishes by hand, offering independence with a real world activity.


Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, BeginAgain believes in hands-on experiential toys, devoid of batteries. BeginAgain also has a strong commitment to eco-friendly products.

This durable lemonade set is made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic. Designed by BeginAgain in Fort Collins Colorado, it has a compacting nesting design allowing for easy clean-up and storage.


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