Magnetic Tiles Travel Toy

Magnetic Tiles Puzzle Travel Toy

Sale Price : $29.99

Our 96-piece set of Magnetic Tiles is an award-winning STEAM toy. You'll experience problem-solving, design, engineering, math spatial awareness, creativity and magnetism all in one. Children build an intuitive sense of the relationships between form, shape, and color.

Children to adults of all ages can experiment with this magnetic tiles puzzle creating their own geometric forms like butterflies, snowflakes, starbursts, flowers, spirals, spaceships, 3-D illusions, ribbon candy, mandalas, spheres, and much more. Designs can range from very simple to seriously complex, meaning people work at their own skill level and grow with this puzzle.

Made in the USA, the magnetic tiles fit on a 8" x 8" steel activity board and are cut in one of only three geometric shapes. All three of these shapes are types of diamonds in the primary colors of yellow, red and blue. Their angles represent 6 different fractions of a circle (360°), making this hands-on STEAM learning that's hard to beat. The pieces are remarkably easy to maneuver.

This thoughtfully designed puzzle was named by at least one author as the best STEAM toy on the market today. STEAM is about learning the fundamentals of critical thinking, problem solving, visualization, and perseverance. While engaged in open play, children are building critical skills necessary for science, technology, engineering, creativity and math.

Fractiles come with illustrated instructional material that provides ideas for several designs, puzzles and games, and includes an explanation of different kinds of symmetry. What a great travel toy for car or plane! Standard size available too.

SIZE: 8.5" x 8.5" x .2"
AGE RANGE: 6 - 99 years

 STEM - STEAM Toy   Parents Choice Silver Honor Award Made in the USA

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Small parts. Not intended for children under 3 years.

Developmental Value

STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art-Creativity and Math) is where it's at today. STEAM learning is important to our country's competitiveness and to our children's future. The top ten fastest growing jobs in the U.S. cross different sectors but they are all STEAM related. STEAM learning encourages deep skills in science, math, design and problem-solving.

The National Center for Education Statistics shows U.S. students are scoring average in Science and below average in Mathematics. Even if students aren't inclined toward a STEAM career, virtually every career needs problem-solving skills and a solid understanding of math and science.

Besides its high learning value, this clever toy is engaging, relaxing and provides hours of solo fun or playdate fun. An excellent material for teachers and homeschooling.



Fractiles, Inc. is a Colorado Corporation with a mission in bringing the beauty of geometry into the mainstream. Beverly Johnson, President and co-founder of Fractiles loves to promote and develop Fractiles. She especially enjoys discovering the different ways that Fractiles can be of benefit to all kinds of people ranging from Alzheimer patients to gifted children. Beverly says:

The more I play with Fractiles, the easier it becomes to view life from different points of view. Playing with Fractiles facilitates lateral thinking, improves my ability to recognize patterns, to solve problems in everyday life, and to look more deeply. I love Fractiles!

Marc Pelletier is the co-founder of Fractiles. Marc's passion for mathematical models began at 13, building his own paper models. Beverly and Marc have turned these ideas into Fractiles. Marc has worked with some of the biggest names in geometry, researching, publishing, and collaborating in the field of hyperdimensional geometry.


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