Ocean theme play tent

Pirate's Treasure Play Tent

Sale Price : $119.99


We set sail and searched for the seas for high-quality play tents. At this price point, we believe the award-winning Pirate's Treasure offers great value for boys and girls!  The poly-cotton fabric and construction are top-notch, made to last. The two 'port hole' windows provide ventilation and add imaginative play options. The sailor-themed designs are not printed but are sewn on.

Unlike many play tents, this one provides a chemical-free zone for your children. You are assured there are no harmful chemicals such as fire retardants, water repellents, BPA, PVC, and phthalates. 

It folds down completely for easy, space-saving storage and has its own carrying bag when not set up for use. 

SIZE: 48" diameter x 50" high
AGES: 18 mos.+

Developmental Value

From building forts in the forest to covering the living room with sheets, kids have naturally looked for a place of their own. Having a private quiet space blocks out the noise and stimulation that can stress everyone out. If provides a safe, personal space for repose.

Learning to dream and imagination is not something all adults can do easily. The skill starts in childhood and private places like tents or forts allow imaginations to soar. Perhaps they are in a cave, a fortress, a castle, or a seaside cottage. Imaginative fantasy contributes to the development of the mind and the ability to dream and project into the future.

Play tents may be a quiet place for reading, puzzles or building blocks, but often they are an instrument of physical play. Tents often are part of the social play which includes running, chase, hide and seek, crawling or just giggling on their backs. In social play, away from screens, children learn to interact, negotiate, and work through good and bad experiences together. They learn to give and take and behave well with others.


HABA is a family-owned German firm making children's toys for over 75 years. The design team at HABA is committed to safety, sustainability, and quality. They develop over 250 new ideas each year. They focus on natural toys with maple and beech wood as a central focus.

HABA has received numerous awards and recognitions each year in its product collection. Over time, they have been recognized by at least 45 industry, governmental and parenting organizations.

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