Preschool Garden Leaf Rake

Preschool Garden Leaf Rake

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Finally, here is a garden leaf rake designed to fit the hands and body size of children ages 2-5. The minute you pick up this rake for little hands, you will notice it is ergonomically designed for young children. It is sturdy, substantial, colorfast and indestructible. This tool can pass through several children, standing the test of time.

Made of safe, high-grade ABS molded plastic, there are no chemical adhesives and no harmful substances. It is lightweight and easier to maneuver than heavy wood or metal implements. All edges are rounded and considered unbreakable, and it is easily cleaned. All Spielstabil products come with a 10-year guarantee.

Size: About 30"
Ages: 2-5 years

Developmental Value

Maria Montessori observed that children find joy in everyday routine activities. Tasks that bring the most delight are those adults often consider work. Children want to mimic those Practical Life activities over and over again. Learning and practicing enriching, purposeful work supports self-confidence, independence and a satisfying feeling the child can 'do it by herself.'

Caring for the outdoor environment is a beneficial Practical Life activity that delights children. Raking, pulling weeds, seeding, and watering are the kinds of family gardening activities in which children love to participate. 

Adults need to scale the child's tasks to simple, rote activities with few easily-managed steps. Working alongside adults, children learn to care for living things. In turn, little ones connect with nature, they develop a sense of appreciation for the environment, and they learn the practical life skill of gardening.


Spielstabil is a German firm known for high-quality, safe and robust toy production, spanning nearly 100 years. Their products are designed with babies' and toddlers' needs in mind. Their products are indestructible, safe to the touch, and hygienic. 

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