Push Car for Toddlers

Push Car for Toddlers

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This chunky wooden push along car has a tactile center made from natural rubber. It makes an excellent first push car for toddlers from about 15 months. Large enough to make clutching easy, the wheels have rubber traction, supporting play on multiple surfaces.

Imaginative play is one of the ways children learn about the world around them. Cause and effect, motor skill development and eye-hand coordination are some of the learning features of this push car. The beautiful stains are safe and will never chip.

SIZE: 6" x 5" x 2.9"
AGE RANGE: about 15 months+

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ALLERGY WARNING: The center nubble is made of natural rubber derived from the sap of rubber wood trees. Those with known allergies to latex should use caution.

Developmental Value

This early push car for toddlers provides a child cause and effect relationships, such as when the toy speeds down a slope or slows down on a flat surface.

Motor skills are developed through play:

  • Gross motor strength and coordination as the child crawls across the floor pushing this toy.

  • Fine motor skills are enhanced in grasp and clutch coordination.

Hand-eye coordination skills improve with clutching and experimenting with push cars.

Vocabulary building occurs with words like go, stop, smooth, bumpy, fast, slow, up and down.

Imagination is engaged and developing as children Vroom! the car along. 


Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, BeginAgain believes in hands-on experiential toys, devoid of batteries. BeginAgain also has a strong commitment to eco-friendly products. Their entire line of products is made from plant-based materials. Any plastic, such as packaging, is 100% recycled.These durable push toys are handcrafted from sustainable plantation-grown rubberwood trees. The internal nubble is a natural rubber made from the sap of rubberwood trees. 

This durable push car is handcrafted from sustainable plantation-grown rubberwood trees. As it is a strong, sustainably grown hardwood, it is an excellent material for making heirloom quality toys. The internal tactile ball is a natural rubber made from the sap of rubberwood trees. The pieces are sanded smooth and stained with colored water-based, non-toxic dyes. 

This push car was designed in Fort Collins, Colorado. Manufacturing in China, near the native source of the wood, allows for smarter, more efficient use of energy, reducing the shipping footprint. The push-along car was packaged in the USA, ensuring quality control. The manufacturing partner is female owned and family run. The factory believes in the principles of fair living wages and sustainable practices. Independent audits ensure fair working conditions, product safety and quality control standards.


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