Rain Cloud Water Toy

Rain Cloud Water Toy

Sale Price : $13.99

Pluï – The Rain Cloud bath toy beautifully illustrates the cycle of water and magically turns kids into little rainmakers. This clever award-winning bath toy works like a pipette and makes simple physics tangible and fun. Fill it with water, let it rain and then stop the flow with a touch of the finger to the top hole. It's simple physics but simply fascinating. Pluï gently introduces babies and toddlers to water while stimulating their imagination and senses. No batteries or noise, just sheer imagination required. 

It has won the Spiel Gut European Good Toy Award as well as a Special Mention in the Science Toy Awards in 2016.

SIZE: 5" x 5" x 6"
AGE RANGE: 2-6 years

Spiel Gut     Science Toy Award

Developmental Value

Water is tactile. Young children best learn by touching and playing with toys and materials. With this little Rain Cloud, a child can investigate the properties of water with no preconceived knowledge.

Children are naturally drawn to water because of its appealing physical properties and a child’s innate curiosity about cause and effect, warm and cool, floating and sinking. Pluï is an early science lesson disguised as play and fun. Children become aware of the unexpected physics of pipettes and atmospheric pressure as they control whether water will release from the cloud or stay inside the cloud. Great for engaging curiosity.

Children continue to increase their vocabulary with your support. They can’t use words until they understand the meaning. It's not necessary to restrict language to simple words. In fact, you can support language learning by using terms like physics, water cycle, H20, or pressure.


Driven by a passion for great design, MOLUK strives to create innovative, sustainable products that don't just entertain kids on a superficial level, but invite real interaction.

In a time where everything is getting more virtual, MOLUK offers toys that are totally manual, toys that get children to move and explore, toys that stimulate their senses and minds.

There are no ON and OFF switches, batteries or complicated instructions – MOLUK toys are powered simply by a child's imagination.

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