Toddler Shape Sorter

Shake & Match Color-Shape Sorter

Sale Price : $24.99

This best-selling Shake and Match Shape Sorter encourages children to build awareness and differentiate color and shape awareness. A great hands-on puzzle, children learn important sorting skills by matching the blocks to the holes either by color or shape. An added dimension is that the shapes hold beads. Shake for sound!  

Pull the elastic band to the side and shake the blocks out to start again. Designed in Germany. Craftsmanship with beautiful wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.

6.75" x 6" x 5 "
AGE RANGE: 10 mos. - 2 years

Forest Stewardship Council  Eco Friendly logo  

Developmental Value

Encourages basic color and shape identification, as well as the development of problem-solving abilities. The beaded shapes provide rattle-action auditory stimulation.

The color and shape sorter helps the developing mind discriminate, order and sequence. These are underlying skills for math, science, reading, writing, problem-solving and more.

When a child is a year old, they will handle and clutch the pieces practicing motor skills. Eventually, they will learn to place the correct piece in its corresponding hole which requires eye-hand coordination.

This toy is self-correcting. Parents simply need to model the action.


Hape toys, headquartered in Switzerland, are designed first and foremost for children. Each product is developed to enhance a child’s developmental skills. Hape believes that the future begins and belongs to our children. It is our duty to leave today's children with infinite possibilities, not unsolvable problems.

Hape's toys are created to inspire play, learning, and exploration of the world in which we live. Through responsible business practices, Hape aspires to leave the world in a better condition than it is now. All Hape products sold in North America meet or exceed all applicable safety standards. Hape's toys stimulate children through every stage of development and help nurture and develop their natural abilities. 

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