Classic Wooden Stacking Clown

Classic Stacking Clown Toy

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A classic stacking toy from 1958 that has proven itself to be an excellent developmental toy for over 60 years. It teaches on multiple levels. Children around 18-20 months old are likely to spend time with colors and sorting. Dexterity and coordination come into play as toddlers learn to slide pieces on the stick. A self-correcting stacking toy, the rings can fit in any order. Delighted 2 year-olds will eventually understand the sequencing to make this entertaining clown.  The classic sorting clown is a lasting toy, providing repeated little successes on many levels of difficulty. Children methodically grow into the full abilities to construct this funny fellow.

What a lovely generational gift from grandparents who may have remembered this classic fellow from their own toy box in 1958!

SIZE: 9.5" x 2.75" x 2.75"
  • Manufacturer states 12 mos+
  • We believe the sweet spot for most children will be 18-36 months
  • Loved by Parents, UK Best Stimulative Toy, Ages 1-3, Platinum Award 2016
  • Loved by Parents, UK Best Wooden Toy, Ages 1-3, Gold Award 2016

  Loved By Parents, 2016 Platinum  Loved By Parents, 2016 Gold Forest Stewardship Council   Eco Friendly logo  Early Childhood STEM


Developmental Value

This little clown toy has been around for more than 60 years and is still winning annual awards because of its fundamental learning value. Mr. Clown helps the developing mind discriminate, order and sequence. These are skills for math, science, reading, writing, problem-solving and more.

When a child is 18-24 months old, they will begin to discriminate between color and shape. They should notice that the collar, hat, and head are different from the other round shapes. They begin to sort. Just handling the 9 parts of this toy will provide practice in fine motor skills.

Later, they will start to get the hang of slipping the pieces onto the stick-stand. The focus will simply be on the success of problem-solving how the stick and hole work together, a task that requires eye-hand coordination. Once achieved, and multiple rings go on the stick, the parts will be out of order. No problem.

This stacking clown toy is self-correcting, and the child can feel successful at the achievement-at-hand: getting wooden rings on the stick. With time and repetition, the child will start to get the sequencing of the clown pieces together. Sequencing is challenging but comes with repeated use of the toy.



BRIO was founded in 1884 in Osby, a small town located in southern Sweden. The firm has been creating quality products since that time. Keeping a heritage of craftsmanship, they are also designing with innovation. Believing in the magic of play, Brio's mission is to create happy childhood memories. Today BRIO is a global company. They have been a Purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden since the 1940s.

When designing toys, BRIO strives for four key principles:

  • Toys should be safe to play with
  • They must comply with BRIO’s high quality standards
  • They must be intuitively easy for the child to understand
  • They must help the child grow through play
Brio has held onto wood as the primary material used for their toys. Beech hardwood as a material is timeless and very durable. It is not endangered and it is easy to replace. Their wood comes from renewable forests of Southern Sweden to the Northern European mainland. No unique biospheres are ever destroyed. At Sweetpea Toys, we love BRIO. They are thoughtful about toy design, safety, play needs, manufacturing and the care of our planet.


Purveyor to Royal Court of Sweden


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