Whirlygig Graphic Optical Illusion Tops

Optical Illusion Wooden Spinning Tops

Sale Price : $6.95

Twist these wooden spinning tops for mesmerizing optical illusions in crazy patterns! What a great little trinket for party bags, Christmas stockings or surprise visits. Assorted designs, so may vary slightly. Contact us if you want a special selection. Kids will find them all truly spinteresting! Made in the USA.

SIZE: 3" diameter
5 years +

Made in the USA

Developmental Value

These tops create engagement and wonder as the designs are mind-boggling. While tops may seem just a simple source of entertainment, wooden spinning tops like these can be used as tools to explore motion.

  • How quickly do you have to release for a good spin?

  • Are light tops or heavier tops easier to spin?

  • If you taped a penny to one side, would the top still spin?

  • Are tall or short tops easier to spin?




    Channel Craft has been manufacturing in the U.S.A. for over 30 years. They manufacture American Pastimes that are produced by skilled craftsmen and women to ensure aesthetic beauty, durability and great play value. Channel Craft makes toys, games and puzzles that have proven their developmental and entertainment value over decades of use by generations of children.


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